About TopSpot


TopSpot Ltd exists because the founders Mikko Perälä and Marko Saranlinna both share the similar view of how sports could be used as a tool in developing countries to make an impact in the local communities and thus improve the lives of their people in number of different ways.

In Asia and Africa the development projects are implemented by the NGOs, religious organizations and local clubs that TopSpot partners with. In Europe we are committed to work only with clubs that share our vision.

As a result of our work we are able to nurture African talent to the level unseen before. Our work opens a door to build beneficial partnerships between the local African communities and professional clubs in Europe (and possibly their sponsors!).

TopSpot’s success lies in the global contact network and in the ideology of profit sharing among the partner network. That is why we’d like to call TopSpot the first genuine social enterprise in sports in Africa and a “Community Based Sports Management Company”.